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At VitalGST, we love what we do. We are devoted to provide the best tax consultancy services to our clients in various aspects and try our level best to improve every day. Our team comprises of highly experienced individuals in every service field working in tandem to provide the best results possible for the business of our clients.


One Easy Tax offers all-inclusive GST services ranging from GST registrations to filing GST returns. Users can easily generate invoices, keep record of their expenses, manage inventory and file GST returns through our cloud-based LEDGERS GST software. Reach out to our Experts for GST related advises.

Trademarks & Patents

One Easy Tax provides the entire range of facilities required to register and maintain protection for the intellectual property assets of its users. We can assist our users in registering trademarks, copyrights, designs and patents. We can also help our users with trademark objection or trademark opposition.

Tax Compliance

One Easy Tax offers its users with a range of compliance solutions from tax registration to tax return filing. Obtain tax registration or file returns with the income tax department, ESI department, PF department, Ministry of Corporate Affairs and more. Users could easily maintain their compliance online through the services provided by the One Easy Tax.

Who We Are

We started at a very small scale, with few people and a small office, but our valued services and support from our patrons made us huge.

At One Easy Tax, we don’t just focus on doing a good job, but we do it in the right way. Our philosophy and values are ingrained in our DNA and without them, we believe we cannot succeed.

Our Beliefs

  • Humble – We Keep the customers first
  • Hungry – Be aggressive about opportunities & challenges and use various ways to overcome it.
  • Hardworking – We Go the extra mile t deliver the best possible results to our clients.

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What makes us different from others

  1. Customer first policy – Unlike other technical service providers, we don’t act like we know it all. We work with our customers and make sure we provide satisfactory answers to every question and provide them with top-notch services, so that they feel comfortable and assured.
  2. Advancements or amendments in the new GST rules?  No problem. Our experts are updated with the latest developments in the field and make sure that the clients are never at risk.
  3. Continuous improvement – What we did to get us here isn’t enough to keep us there! We believe in constant and continuous improvement and take the feedback of customers very seriously.

Whether you are a company or an individual, we would like to work with you and help you manage your financial responsibilities effortlessly, providing you more time to focus on developing your business.


Our team consists of experienced personnel who have expedite solution for all the problems of the consumers.


We ensure that the sensitive data of our clients are not mishandled and 100 percent confidentiality of these details are maintained.

Fast Results

We provide instant service to our clients which results in quick outcomes. These outcomes are very beneficial for the business.

Free First Consultation

To gain the trust of our consumers and to increase our credibility in the market, we offer the first consulting as free. No money is charged from the clients.

Our Practice Areas

We have been in the Tax consulting industry since ages and have experts in our team to handle queries and provide customers with best results possible. Just get in touch with us and we would provide expedite services which would make our clients to trust us and eventually make their businesses reach new heights.

Services We Provide

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How We Work

Our Usual Process

Time Saving. Our customers spend only half of their time on GST compliance by getting GST returns filed from the comfort of their home/office through click of a button. Eliminating the efforts to go out to a CA.
We provide our valued services at extremely reasonable costs.
Our domain specialists keep record of the latest GST laws, cases and developments and our PAN-India presence permits us to provide the most suitable advice as per best practices in the market.
24/7 Service. We are always here to help. Call us anytime
SAFE. Loss of data, particularly to local competition could unfavorably impact the businesses. Our advanced technologies ensure that the data is 100% secure with us.

1. Sign-Up

After signing up our GST Expert will be assigned to you, Who will get in touch and evaluate your business needs.

2. Consultation

Our GST expert will answer all your questions and provide required formats, tools and training to maintain GST records.

3. Fulfillment

We will evaluate the data, formulate and file your GST returns, handle any queries raised by GSTN and offer consultancy as required

4. Enjoy

As we assure 100% error-free and timely GST submission so you can just relax and emphasis more on rising your business

Frequently Asked Questions

Our business partners are requesting for the GST number of the firm even though our business is below exemption verge.

Exclusion of up to 20 lakhs is provided depending upon a number of situations which might not be fulfilled by the business of the customer.

Most common issues faced in this are:

  1. Sales on e-commerce platform and
  2. Inter-state supplies

Please schedule a consultation for detailed analysis of the requirements of the customers or businesses.

What is GST Compliance Rating?

According to the modern GST law, refund claims under the GST rule will also be processed on quality basis, i.e. on the GST compliance rating of the registered taxpayer. It is anticipated that certain slab rates will be preserved for various taxpayers falling under numerous bandwidths of compliance rating and the repayments will be made in terms of percentage amount based on the individual score evaluation of the taxpayer.

We would take help of an example to make our readers understand this situation better. Let’s assume that GST rating will be done on a scale of 1-10, to which someone rated at 1 is least compliant and someone at a rating of 10 depicts excellent compliance. Now it has been proposed that refunds to a taxpayer will be made in percentage on the basis of these ratings. For example, someone who has been maintaining a rating of 10 will receive 100% of the refund immediately. But another entity having a rating of 8 might get only 80% of his total refund claim.

Is GST valid to my business?

GST is valid if the annual turnover of the business owner is Rs. 20 lakh or above. In case of North Eastern states (Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura) and in the hilly regions i.e. Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir and Sikkim, the verge limit is Rs. 10 lakh.

The registration is compulsory on crossing the limit of Rs.19,00,000 (for special category states the amount is Rs. 9,00,000). If the turnover comprises of supply of only those goods/services which are exempt under GST, then registration is not required. While calculating the turnover both taxable and non-taxable goods and services are to be included.

How can GST Samadhaan help us?

We can manage all the GST compliance needs of our clients such as registrations, returns, book-keeping and advisory on GST. Our services provide suitability at an affordable price.

Do I need PAN to Apply for GST?

PAN is compulsory to apply for GST registration (except for non-resident who can get GST registration on the basis of other documents)

Which Central and State taxes are proposed to be subsumed under GST?

The Authorized Committee has recommended that the following Central Taxes should be, to begin with, included under the Goods and Services Tax: – Central Excise Duty – Additional Excise Duties – The Excise Duty imposed under the Medicinal and Toiletries Preparation Act – Service Tax – Additional Customs Duty, commonly known as Countervailing Duty (CVD) – Special Additional Duty of Customs – 4% (SAD) – Surcharges, and – Cesses. The following State taxes and taxes would be, to begin with, included under GST: – VAT / Sales tax – Entertainment tax (unless it is levied by the local bodies). – Luxury tax – Taxes on lottery, betting and gambling. – State Cesses and Surcharges in so far as they relate to supply of goods and services. – Entry tax not in lieu of Octroi.

How is GST Samadhaan better than my local agent?

Tax advisory and services market has been almost completely chaotic due to countless taxes, rules, and procedures. One Nation-One Tax philosophy behind GST will eradicate dependence on local factors. We have PAN India clientele and team of specialists which have proficiency in their respective domains. This enables us to provide most relevant advice in various situations. Also we are able to influence technology and economies of scale to achieve efficiency to offer very competitive prices for our valued services.

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